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Zoom call cancelled

"Even if you'd cancelled last minute, the preparation itself was worth it"

This is how my client started our call.

Anyone who has invested in coaching and committed to the transformation it offers can attest to having this experience at some point. 

We ask ourselves:

What am I bringing?

How am I showing up?

What's my priority for this call?

What am I hoping my coach won't ask me about?

When I commit all of me, amazing things will happen.

It's not always comfortable, but it's always transformative.

Because letting go of trying to control releases so much energy. And then we're free to create what we really want.

Are you ready to step into a space where all your stories just fall away and the pure hope and unlimited possibility that you are expands to the point where you run out of words?

It's so simple, and it's so powerful. 

Maybe you recognise something as you're reading and your preparation for this extraordinary interaction has already begun?

I currently have two spots available for 1:1 clients. 

Message me and let's schedule a call to find out if this is for you.

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