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You're not here to be liked. You're here to be true.

"You are not here to be liked, you're here to be true" - Mooji

How does that sit with you, honestly?

For me, it cuts deep.

I like to be liked.

In fact, if I'm candid it's been my number 1 priority in life.

Most of my social interactions come from a place of "I want to be liked", and as a way of being in the world, it's worked reasonably well so far.

"Alex the nice guy".

But what happens when a wish to be true begins to emerge?

Maybe even a need to be true.

What happens when what is needed is not the same as what I like?

I see that the world of like/dislike starts to lose its luster, that any opinion (including my own) or wish to be liked exists on a plane of impermanence and invention.

Whatever sees this feels more true.

I start to notice the difference between the pull of the familiar thought world and being aware of it.

The wish to be liked has a certain flavor to it. Appealing - but limited. And like ice cream, I can't live off it.

Is this what it means to be true?

Because in this place I don't know anything.

And none of my thoughts are true.

No thoughts are true.

Can I step out as this? Be this in the world?

A living question - not believing in anything from the level of thought?

And yet with such compassion for that part of me - and that part of everyone - that still believes that thoughts are true.

I might not be liked for saying this, but seeing this prison for what it is is the only chance I have of being true.

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