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You CAN!

I’ll never forget how her face lit up. 

“Entendí todo!” (I understood everything!)

The story she’d beLIEved her whole life until that moment was not true. 

She could learn English. 

This completely transformed the way she saw herself and what was possible for her, what she could be, what her future could be.

I used to teach English as a foreign language, and the 1:1 lessons can be very intense. 

It’s a bit like coaching because we try different ways of explaining a point, we encourage, hold accountable, we tell uncomfortable truths, maintain focus, slow down, speed up; we're sensitive to the other’s energy in the moment, while keeping the structure of the session, and maintaining the teacher/student relationship. 

And it’s all worth it to see that breakthrough, that veil of limiting thought lifted. 

Making possible what seemed impossible. 

From I can’t to I CAN. 

You CAN!

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