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You are an Inspiration

What you're doing is amazing, you know. 

When you get an insight and let it change the way you see things, people around you really notice. 

Your family, your team at the office, your friends. 

You're gentler, you listen more. You're more relaxed. 

Maybe you see that what you'd thought was true for so long turned out not to be.

And now you're open and curious about what the next non-truth might be.

This is the real work, letting go of unhelpful behaviors, unhelpful ways of thinking, and moving forward openly, and generously. 

You're an inspiration to everyone around you. Something lights up in them when they're with you.

You lead by stepping aside and letting them shine. 

And now creating new projects, getting new clients and contracts, and building relationships, just becomes so much more fun.

This is just the beginning. Now you're free to soar. 

If you’d like to tell me how exciting this all is, let me know. I’m listening.

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