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You and your fireworks 💥

I love connecting with people like you.

I love hearing how this burning desire to express your truest self keeps showing up.

This is the only you I see.

I know you tell me things aren’t working out as you’d like, or you’re experiencing friction with family and loved ones and it all seems so difficult.

But that’s not what I see.

What you’re doing is pure, noble and so badly needed. Please honour this, honour yourself.

Please recognise the beauty of what you’re doing, what you’re committed to, what you’re called to bring into the world.

You could easily lay down and sink back into the easy life of victimhood, blaming others and feeling sorry for yourself.

I know it’s tempting sometimes.

I know that darkness takes over sometimes, maybe even for days or weeks.

But you don’t lay down. You keep rising up.

You know you’re here to transform consciousness, to cure your fellow humans of Separatitis - the illusion that we’re separate from each other, from the whole.

And you know that it’s only by embodying this message, by being this example of hope and commitment, by openly sharing your transformation, that others can also be transformed.

You’re here to hold the hand of those who have lost their spark and remind them of the love that they are.

You’re here to support, encourage and inspire.

I’m so inspired by your compassion and your drive, and by how you light up when you let this through you.

This is who I see. And it’s so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.

Thank you for honouring your calling. Thank you for everything you do to look after yourself so you can share this freely with the world. Thank you for loving those around you.

Don’t give a moment’s attention to those other thoughts - they’re just the effects and habits of old conditioning and will wither away by themselves.

You know who you are now. And you’ll continue to uncover even more joy, more freedom and power as you claim this as your true self.

This is who is creating beauty now.

It’s a miraculous, flowing, spontaneous fireworks display and I can’t wait to see what you create next.

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