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What if this voice is NOT so small?

This Voice is not Small

I've been kidding myself that this "little" voice,

(the one that whispers in secret to me)

That this quiet voice is so small!

So fragile, so quiet, so timid and light

No wonder it cannot be heard.

“This world is so big and scary,” I’ll say,

“Whoever wants to hear a voice so small?”

And suddenly it’s clear, I see

That the smallness is invented by me

Blinded and deafened by external noise,

My habit is to pinch off this hose.

I'm persuaded to cover it up, ignore it,

Silence it, appease it, feel ashamed of it.

Lulled by these habits, I've been adding my story

To the long, sleepy mural of mankind

But suddenly it’s clear

That this voice is not small!

I may only allow it a crack to speak through

But its Truth cannot be denied

No matter how quietly it whispers

Nor how frequently I forget

It's always repeating its gentle loving Truth.

This voice is not small!

The cracks in the conditioning begin to yawn wide

It's clear that my apparent foundation

Was just a convincing layer of lies

This voice is Eternal, it's who I am, who we all are

And as its vibrations rise and conditioning collapses

I see I was Whole after all


Before all, after all.

This Voice IS the Vastness, the Endlessness

This Voice has never been small

And now I know we are One

We can Sing

This Voice and I, aligned

And project the love that I AM

This Voice rises in effortless song

And now it’s all that I hear:



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