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What if the Secret is just to soften the shell?

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

If you come and sit with me

I'll show you how unconditional God's love is for you

You'll feel his Grace, his patience, his power

You'll see just how much you're loved

That Love is, in fact, all that you are made of

Even if I've never met you before

I love you

Behind all the frustrations, fears, cynicism,

Behind everything you think you know

Is a loving presence that heals everything

It's so warm and affirming,

because you realise this is who you really are

Not all those thoughts you have about yourself and others

What you are is magical, dynamic, energetic, light, and playful

Pure love

And you know this because,

as you slow down

and bring your attention to sensing the aliveness of your body,

the way you see things starts to change.

The light in the room becomes more interesting

the birds start singing for you

the silence around you envelopes you like your favourite feather duvet

your body responds warmly to your gentle appreciation

As we soften the shell

of our self-protection

and start to see that what's "out there" is only what we imagine it to be

and doesn't exist by itself

and start to trust that what's "in here" is the source of all love

and it loves us unconditionally, forever

and absolutely rejoices when we turn to recognise this fact -

it throws the party of a lifetime as soon as we acknowledge this as our only true Self

Welcome home, it says

I've been waiting for you

We are going to have a great time!

Here in the arms of God

All is well, all is well, all is well

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