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what I'm here for

I have a wish right now to just share the gentle energy that I feel in me, and around me; just a deep, deep gratitude for everything that contributes to this, for the people whose efforts, and dedication, and honoring of this silence make it possible for me to experience this as well.

Together we are so much more, and together, everything is possible because the only thing preventing me from living in freedom is what I create and what I perpetuate by my belief in it.

And so, together, we see that only that which humanity has created stands in the way, and if it's a human creation, it can be dropped in an instant because it didn't exist until we believed in it. It doesn’t exist unless I believe in it.

And suffering is caused by this. Suffering is caused by belief in a human structure. I can drop that belief in an instant, give it up, and I'll be free. My natural state is freedom, together we can reaffirm who we are.

And those doubts that only have power when I believe, and I look for others' belief to sustain it, to corroborate, but without that what do I see?

I see people waking up everywhere. I see and feel the innocent, pure vibration, completely free of judgment in myself and in the other, and I sense that availability in the other person.

and I see how structures, beliefs, and physical behavior patterns that have been picked up and learned are all the crust covering our pure consciousness,

I see in myself a wish to share this good news, that who I am is unlimited, and that everything I thought separated me from the whole, it turns out it's just an illusion.

The most incredible secret is that it has no power at all unless I give it the power of my belief.

So, my belief in this limitation creates limitation, my belief in myself as an extension of universal consciousness creates living consciousness through this body here now.

My belief in the goodness, the 99% goodness that all human beings are, which has just been covered up by a conditioned mind,

what is it to have an unconditional mind, what is it to think for myself?

What does it mean to have a mind that is completely clear and unpolluted?

What can come through when I open in complete innocence in this beautiful realization that this awareness is who I am.

this Bottomless emptiness, so many times greater than any thought, so as it becomes clear that without thought my reality is bliss: extraordinary, free, joyous bliss

because I am this bliss I wish to create love around because I am this peace I wish to create freedom, openness, togetherness, and because I am this joyous, nonjudgmental being because I am this deep listening.

I wish to create, I create this because I am peace, freedom, connection. I create, my desire is to create what I am.

This is my desire.

Desire is simply a wish to expand more of what I am.

I know I am freedom, I know I am limitless, I know I am pure creativity, and I know that this is, I know that I am phenomenal intelligence.

I know that I am beauty, I know that I am joy, I know that I am innocence, I know that I am endless, I know that I am love, I know that I am everything.

I know that what I am, what animates me, are the building blocks of me is this forever fountain of everlasting life, and this fountain wishes to express itself more fully, more joyfully.

It wishes to expand its energies for expansion. It is the energy that fuels the universe, it is the same movement that creates the world, the solar system, the universe.

This is the life force, and it wishes to expand, to be more of itself. It wishes to express itself in all the beautiful ways that it can, and this forever fountain, this source of me, of all life, just wishes to flow freely, and the more I allow it to flow freely, the more reach, the more joy I spread, the more joy I am, the most joyous I am.

This is what I'm called to be, more of the beautiful incredible energy that I already am.

just this,

I'm not asked to edit and hold myself back. I'm asked to be this more fully, more freely.

This is my calling because what I'm made up of is joy, what I wish for is more happiness, more love, more understanding, more compassion, more display of this freedom.

The more freely I can express myself, the more permission I give to others to do the same. This extension of God, and God just wants to be

Who I am, to allow old thinking, small thinking, societal conditioning to put a lid on what is divine creativity and flow and love?

Who am I to question the value of this?

Who am I to let small thinking stifle, put chains around, what it cannot possibly come close to controlling, replicating, understanding.

The closed mind, the polluted mind, the contaminated mind, the old mind, the conditioned mind, the separate mind - must make way.

And does make way.

It knows its place now.

This is not what it's for,

What I'm here for is so much bigger, so much bigger.

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