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Trust the fire within you

You don't need to be perfect you know,

that idealistic version of you that you compare yourself negatively to.

You just need to show up 

I don’t judge you for all that internal stuff you focus on

(which is all made up anyway)

I just know you can provide THIS

It’s enough for me

I come to you for this 

I have my own stuff to work on and as long as you’re honestly trying to work on yours, honest enough to own it and address it, 

Please don't let that stop you

Here and now is where you shine, where it’s showtime 

Trust that fire within you

That’s what sets you free

It’s what sets us free when you share it 

As long as you give me this, I’m sticking with you 

The fact that you have so many “struggles” as a human just makes you more lovable and relatable 

We all have those

You don’t have to be perfect in your own eyes or my eyes in order to bring transformation to me, to all of us

Don’t doubt yourself brother, sister

Don’t let a focus on “not there yet” or “not ready yet” stifle the Truth that flows through you 

As long as you show up and open up and let the magic through, that’s all the perfection we need

If you’d like help bringing out the magic, it’s what I specialize in. DM me and we’ll set up a call.

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