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Three simple words. (With a soft chuckle)

Three simple words. (With a soft chuckle)

“You’ll get there”

I remember how one of my first coaches said this over the phone in such a relaxed way. 

As if it were self-evident. 

But from where I was listening, and sheepishly looking out at the world, these words came as such a shock. 

I had no such certainty myself. Not at all.

My thoughts were more like:

Will I? 

How do you know?

You mean you actually believe I can?

What if I can’t? What if you’re wrong? What if I let you down?

It wasn’t until much much later that I realised that it was only that kind of thinking that was in my way. 

When I started focusing on what I could do right now, could do well, and how I already had so much to give and had so many ways to serve, things started changing very quickly. 

Now, when a client of mine sees only a wall in front of him, or an overwhelming and chaotic mess of everything that needs to be done yesterday, I suggest that he may be making those things his entire focus. 

That he's literally breathing his life force into them to make them terrifying, insurmountable obstacles. 

And in the face of these apparently huge barriers, he feels small and powerless. 

So we slow down, take one little thought at a time, and examine its validity. 

Like “I’m not good enough”

What if that one supporting thought - the one I’ve built a whole psychological city of self doubt on - isn’t even true? 

If I question it, it becomes shaky and then pretty soon that entire structure, with all the years I’ve invested in building it, comes crashing down. 

And just for a moment I set aside that belief and all its infrastructure. I give myself space from that thought, and allow myself to create from a place of possibility:

I might ask: “If I WERE good enough I would…”

And just watch what beauty I come up with!

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