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There's Magic in Imperfection

You think you're on a roll and then it's just... ugh...

you can't produce anything

Or everything that does come out just fizzles and dies

I have at least three posts I wanted to share today, and they started well but then just went nowhere... there's no way I'm sharing those until they make some semblance of sense.

But what do you think? Maybe we shouldn't let this inner critic have so much control!

Let's face it, there are days when it doesn't have a single good thing to say about us

I remember hearing Bob Dylan describing his shows. He said there'd be days when he was on absolute fire, just rewriting the book, so inspired.... but the audience just wasn't interested.

And then other days, he couldn't do a thing right, everything was off, he felt awful, sounded awful, but the audience was exhilarated, "as if the Pope had just walked on stage".

Completely baffling.

So who knows? Shall we try just taking a little more risk and seeing what happens? Somebody somewhere might be inspired! And if no one is, that's fine too. No one's lost anything.

And you've shown that inner critic that you're going to do it anyway.

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