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The long game

How would this change your approach to your business and your relationships?

In a recent conversation with the warm, funny, and insightful coach Rose Latham, we discussed playing the long game and how Townsend Wardlaw’s mentoring was so inspiring to her.

What about you? Where are you showing up as truly solid and in service, and where are you cutting corners?

Maybe this sounds obvious but if I’m brutally honest with myself, there are still plenty of areas where I put short-term gains first.

Maybe by not following my trading plan and going after a “quick win” on a stock tip.

Maybe by discounting (and therefore devaluing) some jewelry pieces just to meet a sales target.

Maybe by failing to check translation work properly before delivering a job.

Maybe by eating junk because I'm too "busy"

Maybe by lashing out at a loved one because I’m stressed and tired in that moment and why can’t THEY be helpful to ME for JUST ONCE???

When I'm building long-term, I’m different. It's just not about avoiding temporary discomfort at any cost.

It’s about - can I look this person in the eye (maybe myself) and assure them with all my being that they can count on me?

That I'm going to keep my word?

That when I screw up I'll apologise and clean it up?

This is how we build proper relationships. On trust, humility, commitment.

Not just by following some social media/marketing strategy to get Eyeballs, Likes, and Clicks. Who is that really serving?

Of course, outreach is important. Many years running of small businesses have taught me that staying silent serves no one.

But it’s about building something lasting - family and friendships, a business, a career, fantastic health and fitness, maybe a new relationship - with total honesty and integrity while having lots of fun doing it!

The long game. This is what I’m about. I’m sure you are too, but reminders never hurt.

So let's be more about this - more often - and marvel at what this creates around us.


If you’re committed to...

  • Total self-honesty

  • Taking 100% responsibility

  • Overcoming self-doubt

  • Mastering your internal dialogue

  • Letting go of the past

  • Finding inner peace, and your incredible power to create your world

...and you're ready to accelerate results in your life, let's talk.

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