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The Hope Machine

Do you ever get the overwhelming impression that your whole being is a hope machine?

Just settle your attention into your body for a moment. 

It’s built on Hope! 

The lungs rise in the hope of drawing in oxygen to feed the blood. 

Acids accumulate in the stomach in the hope of having something to digest. 

Your heart beats in the hope of filling every cell with energy. 

Your very existence is proof of hope. 

Your eyes open in the hope of receiving visual impressions. 

It’s truly miraculous and it’s all given to us in the hope of growth and transformation. 

There’s no end to hope. When this body dies, others are born.

Hope is unstoppable. 

It’s not giving up on you. It’s your gift and it’s who you are.

Every moment is a chance to recognize this.

Be this gift.

And then you start to see it everywhere.

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