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One Thought Away

Possibly the most important discovery I’ve made so far is that happiness is always available right now - 

If I simply let go of the thought that’s causing unhappiness. 

This realization is only possible when I see that I am not my thoughts. 

And I may have to see this quite a few times before I sense its truth. 

But Oh! the freedom. 

Without believing that thought I am free. 

In thoughtlessness, I am naturally happy. 

And I see so much possibility. 

How unnecessary personal suffering can be avoided.

And well-being restored.

How conflict between people can be avoided. 

And relationships healed.

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting authors Michael Neill and Dicken Bettinger at their One Thought Away event in London. 

Check out their work for more on who you are without your thoughts. Or message me and let’s explore this together.

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