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One minute of non-judgement

This colourful autumn morning, after dropping my daughter at school early, I hit record on Voice Memos and drove home.

Today's question: What would it be like not to judge for one whole minute?

What could I bring to my next phone call, my next meeting, my next marketing idea if it came from a place of non-judgement?

But first, as I drive, let's just try this for one whole minute...

I judge this person for walking that silly way, this motorcyclist for driving dangerously

I judge the street sweeper for smoking a cigarette

I don't judge the trees for losing their leaves

To judge is to want to control life, the world.

Put it into a box of what it should be so that I can be happy.

The judging voice continues...

This woman should dress better before she leaves the house, should lose some weight, shouldn't smoke.

Another is attractive - that's a judgement and comparison - more attractive than others

That man's trousers are way too short.

This building site is absolutely horrendous. I bet the council are dragging their feet on giving permission to build and all that time we have to put up with an ugly building site.

This morning is full of promise.

This child's face shows promise, I love this empty morning road.

Why did this damn van and trailer in front have to take the same route as me? Why not take another route?

Who am I behind these judgements?

I love dog walkers and their morning optimism.

I salute you, jogger, for getting up and moving your body.

Now, the more I look for things to judge, the less I find to judge.

I become the witness.

I become the awareness behind the judge.

I judge that pipe for being extremely ugly on the outside of the building.

I judge the scooter rider for not wearing a helmet.

I commend the young boy for standing at the bus stop alone.

I get more of an impression of life waking up to the morning.

All of life, including we humans.

I'm on a frequency of acceptance and of promise.

And where in another moment I might have seen a grumpy face and used it as evidence for pessimism, now I feel compassion. What thoughts are troubling them?

I see the smile of a father, looking down at his very young son, holding hands and walking together

I see friends walking to school smiling at each other.

Love being expressed in all these beautiful ways.

What will I bring to my next phone call, my next meeting, my next marketing idea now, coming from a place of non-judgement?

Somehow this space seeks expansion, wishing to include more.

What occurs to you as a possibility from this place? What would you love to create?

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