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Nothing beats your heart

Let me take you on an adventure

You don’t even need to close your eyes

Just follow these simple words


Just for second

What do you hear?

Outside, around you. Plenty of different sounds perhaps

And inside?

What’s that sound?

It’s a bit quieter

Just beyond the rising and falling of the breath

Can you hear it?

Maybe you can feel it?

Like listening through your chest.

It’s your heartbeat

It’s not stopping

Even when you don’t notice it

It stays beating

Even when you’re sleeping

Even when you’re stressed

Even when you’re laughing

Even when you’re feeling sad

It doesn’t let you down

Like your pet or favourite teddy

But even better

It loves you


No matter what you do

You are loved

So maybe just allow

This faithful friend

To be an anchor

A reminder of how lucky we are to be here

No matter what anyone else says

Or does

No matter what thought you might have

You have this

For the rest of your life

Your heart just IS

Now and now and now

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