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My journey with Investing

When I first started looking into the financial markets, the mere sight of a stock chart or the sound of the word “derivative” was enough to make my eyes glaze over. 

Maybe because I’d been conditioned (and had chosen) to think that all traders were beer-guzzling, overpaid crooks. I was as far away from a "finance type" as you could get. 

But then I got curious about investing. What was this mysterious world of numbers and why were there some genuinely wonderful people in it?

I read up on investing, then came across trading and dug deeper still. I really wanted to work this out! 

Eventually, I found people I really trusted and invested in their Mastermind group. 

I’ve been making money ever since, and my family's financial future is exciting, I'm learning every day and now have valuable skills I can pass on to my children. 

It's been a delicious challenge.

When was the last time you dived into a whole new world and what did you experience?

Some things I've learned about myself are:

1. Never believe you’re not smart enough, good enough, or don't belong. Get curious, get uncomfortable.

2. Find the best people you can learn from and who you trust — and pay for their expertise. Good support is expensive and essential.

3. Don’t give up — all new ventures are a rollercoaster ride, so you need to be committed. 

4. Not everyone around you will support you initially and that's OK. Trust yourself.

There have been many more lessons and opportunities for growth. And my latest adventure is helping other solopreneurs build their next 6-figure income stream so they can create more of what they love. 

Can you relate? I'd love to hear from you. What have you jumped into recently and how have you grown?

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