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My deepest wish for you

I wish for you everything that you wish for yourself

I wish for you that whatever apparent obstacles present themselves you see as opportunities for you to expand in understanding and include them as your teachers.

I wish for you that your sensitivity to the support you’re receiving is heightened, so you see it everywhere you go and in everyone you meet.

I wish for you that you let the world love you, through your family and friends and strangers, that you trust Life wants what you want - ALWAYS!

You are life and your happiness is all our joy

I wish for you that you feel into who you really are, a gentle loving being who is always protected, always cared for, unconditionally.

And that the more you feel this, the more you’ll see that you need nothing from outside. No attention or approval from others, no special status or material situation.

You already have everything, you already are everything.

And you’re this so much that you can’t possibly hold it all. And soon you see that it just keeps coming, this love, you overflow with it, and you see that this truth that you experience is your freedom.

Freedom from ever needing anything from outside - ever - and that now you’re free you can carefully listen for what you really want and go about playfully creating it.

This is what I wish for you.

Whatever you wish for yourself, let me know and let’s make it your reality

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