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Insight Dialogue

“This is not coaching! I don’t know what it is…”

One client found her assumptions burning up one by one in the space of our session. So many former “facts” that were blocking her way - some decades in the making - were just revealed as illusions.

I didn’t have to say much, but when you’re listened to with full openness, devoid of any judgement or agenda, a trusting space appears.

Something that feels closer to truth begins to emerge.

And the truth always sets you free.

Because it’s not your situation that’s the problem, it’s your thoughts around it that are causing the pain. And in this special space, this becomes clear.

She suggested this was more like Insight Dialogue, which I’d never heard of. I like it though - deep insights like these are powerful and transformative.

So, are you brave enough to be listened to in this way?

What question would you bring?

Reach out to me and let’s set aside some time for you.

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