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If you're a solopreneur, do this:

Having trouble organizing your thoughts?

Get a VA!

Can’t think of anything to post online?

Get a VA!

Having trouble keeping your commitments?

Get a VA!

Don’t want to spend forever working out new online platforms?

Get a VA! 

Ever since I hired a VA (the excellent Manny), I’ve written more, done more videos, posted more, had more calls, become more confident, and attracted more clients. 

She gently nudges me when I’m not feeling “inspired”, offers suggestions, and encouragement, and provides honest feedback. 

I probably fit into the “solopreneur” category (and highly recommend Stefano Palumbo's insightful book on this lifestyle - 'The Successful Solopreneur')

And while I’ve learned to outsource some tasks, I’m still doing a lot myself. 

If you’re still struggling to manage your projects, get yourself a VA and you’ll have a thinking partner and most importantly THINGS WILL GET DONE, which means you can actually serve people. 

And that’s what you want to do, isn’t it?

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