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Today has been a bit of an uphill struggle.

In terms of physical well-being, in terms of mood and outlook.

Inspiration has been lacking, there has been tiredness and aches in the body, simple tasks have seemed more demanding.

It could mostly be due to my experiment of removing my favourite caffeine source (yerba mate).

Maybe I'll "feel better" tomorrow.

So how do I approach this?

It's an interesting experience.

I often practice inner sensing to balance the attention with the rapid energy of my associative thinking that normally absorbs it.

But on a day when, without getting too specific, the body just feels SHITTY, this is less appealing.

I picked up "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. I'm a huge fan of the man and his work, and have followed his "pointings" for many years, but I haven't read this before.

He points out that the word identification comes from two latin words: "same" and "make".

When I allow a headache to take over my well-being, I become identified with it, I "make it the same as me", I become the headache.

When I strive for a specific bank balance or material possession or emotional state, I wish to "make same", because I am being that what I have now is not good enough.

So I live in a state of identification with not good enough until I can make same with the big sale, new car, new house, new client etc.

As Eckhart points out, this is the game of the egoic mind, and unless I see that this part of me is only a fraction of my overall existence as a human being (although most of my though-created world is based on it), it's going to dominate.

What part then sees this play?

Yes, there is "discomfort", "ache", "tiredness", but what part is aware of this, and what part labels it as bad ?

The body doesn't have words, it just does what it does.

Who is complaining?

And who can see the one complaining?

Perhaps this part is free. Perhaps this part is really me!

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