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“Honestly, I’m blown away. Everyone needs this!”

“Honestly, I’m blown away. Everyone needs this!”

My prospective client, already very successful in life, had been sure she didn’t need a coach. 

“I mean, I know all this stuff. I know it works, I know how to use it to get results.” 

But just one short session revealed that her current, very full, schedule did not include any time at all for her top priority in life, the project that meant the most to her. 

Somehow that would happen when the current business reached a certain level. 

The language used said it all: there was “no time”, that would “disrupt my day”, I’d be “overwhelmed by client requests”. 

In practical terms, it was a simple case of scheduling some time for that no.1 priority activity no matter what. 

As the “coach” I didn’t do anything special. I listened and repeated what I heard. 

So maybe a coach is not what you need, but if you’re feeling stuck, lacking clarity or frustrated as your progress, find someone who will listen carefully, beyond the stories you’re telling yourself, and who’s not afraid to tell you what they hear. 

 I guarantee you’ll find it very revealing.

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