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Homer, are you just holding onto the can?

Like any normal person of my generation 😜 I spent most of the 90s watching The Simpsons.

My dad, brother and I would often sit around the table long after dinner, quoting scene after scene in hysterics as my long-suffering mother had no option but to zone out or grab her book.

So those early episodes are pretty deeply ingrained in me and it often proves useful - while always providing a much-needed chuckle

For example, in the scene above, Homer gets both his hands stuck in vending machines, can't get home on time and the emergency services are called out to free him

It doesn't occur to Homer that if he just let go of the can, he might be able to pull his hand out

Huge life lesson right there!

Where are you "stuck" just because you're determined not to let go of something?

Is it really THAT important?

It might be as trivial as being adamant it's not your turn to take out the rubbish,

or a family member interfering with your morning routine, but it also runs really deep.

For example, are you stuck/struggling to grow your business because you're holding onto doing a lot of the work yourself?

Or because you won't put yourself out there until it looks "perfect"?

Maybe you're so stuck in your idea of yourself as a designer/singer/accountant that you won't spend time on marketing and sales.

Maybe you're holding onto the idea that you are not good enough / privileged enough / educated enough / too privileged / too educated and therefore cannot have the success you want.

Can you let go of that can and trust that it will all work out for you?

Take an honest look. What can are you holding onto?

Success often begins by letting go.

Love, Alex.

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