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Follow your bliss

“Follow Your Bliss” Joseph Campbell

“Find out what makes you come alive and go do that.

Because what the world needs is people who’ve come alive” Howard Thurman

Once I accept that, as a human being on planet Earth, I am a tiny, but integral part of this huge Universe; that this natural process of unfolding, expansion and growth I see all around me, is also happening in me, that I’m part of it; and that I feel better when I’m connected, loving, being useful, included, taking part and serving;

then I see that perhaps the things I love to do are what I do best, and contribute most by doing, and give happiness to myself and others.

Then maybe this is a clue – maybe this is what I should be doing!

And then I write things like this:

The Universe WANTS me to be clear about what I want!

Instead of considering what other people want

Or what other people might want me to Be or Do

That's not what I'm supposed to do, nor could I do it if I wanted to


I'm asked to get really really clear

ALLOW this want to surface, gently

Feel the Truth of it

Relax into the wonderful relief that I actually can know what I want, I'm allowed to want what I want,

I'm encouraged to want what I want

I'm supposed to want what I want

Because this is what the Universe wants!!!

We are the same

I'm literally accessing the WANT of the universe

When I go inside and ask and have fun exploring and let whatever comes up come up

Then everything is aligned

We're moving AS ONE

I'm just an extension of the Universe

BEING the Universe

Expanding Awareness

Being More Love

Becoming more and more what I can only ever BE

And feeling the wants surface

YES! Wow! I really do want that!

What does it look like? How does it sound? How does it feel? How does it taste and smell?

The Universe and I are One and we're creating this magnificence together

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