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Flipping "I can't handle this" into "What an opportunity to create!"

That sinking feeling in your gut... "what if it all goes wrong? What if....."

And the energy drops

And I start getting easily distracted, opening marketing emails, looking on YouTube,

maybe even hitting the fridge and cracking open a beer

All to give respite from this feeling, based on a thought that "I tried, it didn't work out, now that was a waste of time, money and effort,

now I'm tired, and I'm definitely NOT going to waste any more time, money, effort or false hope or false optimism on something that's just going to FAIL"


Let's just shake that shit out of the system right now!

There is no such thing as failing unless I believe it to be so

There is always an opportunity to create something new

And when I see the truth of this, I realise that it's all happening for my growth, for the growth of consciousness, for the growth of love, acceptance.

An option is always given. To meet the situation and rise, or to cower, blame, hide etc.

Guess where growth comes from?

And this choice is being offered to me at every moment.

To sleep or to awaken.

To thank or to blame.

It's an extraordinary realisation.

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