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Don’t fight! Just observe.

(I have Mooji to thank for this prompt. If haven’t heard of Mooji, please stop reading this and go and watch some of his wonderful videos.)

Ego just loves a fight.

Engaging in an internal battle means you're acknowledging its importance.

“Let’s sort this out... let’s convince that person... let’s just hit this goal and we’ll be OK...

I may not know everything, but I know this...”

Etc etc.

But what if we just turn away…

And question the very validity of this voice in the first place?

Is anything it’s saying actually true?

Who would I be if I didn’t need to be right about this, or about anything?

As we direct our attention to this question, the vast unknown begins to open a little wider.

And its gentle but relentless clarity begins to burn up everything we think we know.

And we see we’re actually perfectly OK without knowing.

We relax into the freedom of this, the freedom that we really are.

In a powerful coaching conversation, the coach listens from this inner space of not knowing.

There is no engagement with your “problem”, no attempt to propose solutions, to jump in and fix things.

After all, how can your coach ever know more about your situation than you do?

Face with this open listening, you feel heard. You feel invited to participate. The listening expands and the thoughts lose their power.

More space opens up. It’s appealing. Possible solutions may emerge, they may even feel playful.

Because like an elite athlete, the coach can help you see you have everything you need inside you, but only you can develop it and take action.

Your coach sees who you really are beneath your present situation or concerns. Your coach sees your unlimited potential and sees only that.

This commitment to who you really are, the leader in you, the clarity in you, the sense of purpose in you, the sense of unity with all living things that is in you, the freedom you have to create what you really want.

So don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t battle with your thoughts. Don’t play their game.

Who you are is the awareness of this. The freedom to observe.

Unlimited peace, joy, and creativity.

What would you LOVE to create?

Let’s have some fun with this!

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