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Borrow my belief in you

“Borrow my belief in you”

I first heard this phrase from Bob Proctor

When you're feeling overwhelmed, uninspired or just can't see a way out, you may not believe you can do what it takes.

You may not believe you can be the person who can be calmly effective, playful and creative and able to envision multiple possibilities.

So, for now, borrow my belief in you.

I believe in you. I believe you have all the talent, intelligence, charm, energy and wisdom you could ever need.

In fact I know you do.

You have everything you could possibly need to not only overcome your apparent "challenges", but to completely embarrass the problem.

You'll look back and think "Is that all I was worried about??"

I believe in you because you're absolutely amazing. What you're capable of is so many times greater than what you've already accomplished. And who you've already become is already awesome.

Here's a really fun exercise I learned from my astonishingly insightful, loving and effective coach Ben Buckley. (I highly recommend you look him up).

It's called the SuperHero exercise.

Write your life story so far focusing on all the amazing things you've done, the people you've helped, the times you've put your own personal preferences aside to make a difference to nature, animals and other people. Where you've shown up like a Superhero.

Really get into it, exaggerate it, use words like "incredible" "unimaginable" "extraordinary" and imagine each scene in vivid detail, like you'd see in a Marvel comic or movie — where you come to the rescue.

This is not about balance. There'll probably be a voice inside telling you to stop blowing your own trumpet. That's fine, you can write the other side of the story later if you want to. Right now it's only about

For example, my friends and I formed a band in school. I was not the most talented musician or singer or songwriter, but the fact is, without me that band would never have happened.

I was the glue that brought together a group of guys who couldn't have come together otherwise. We rehearsed in my loft bedroom, causing no end of grief for the neighbours.

And the results were magic - we learned our instruments, learned how to write songs, ventured out to play gigs, had successes and disasters, and strong new friendships were formed.

We were following our dream. And thirty years later, the couple of years in that band are a deeply cherished memory for all of us.

This is part of my Superhero story, and actually writing this now I'd never quite seen it this way, and I'm expanded by honouring this contribution I made.

My belief in myself is greater.

"Wow", I can reflect, "look what I did without even trying that hard, just by being passionate and positive, and being a peacemaker when needed. What could I create if I was super intentional?"

So, write your own Superhero story!

Start with a no-brainer, and then let that energy paint its joy all over your past.

And please share it, or parts of it. With me, here online and wherever you go.

You're not inflating your ego here. As Steve Hardison would say, you're looking at your strengths and achievements through the maximising end of the telescope, instead of the minimising end.

It's a really fun and uplifting way to re-write your story. All of our personal stories are made up anyway, so why not make it a phenomenal one?

Pretty soon you won't need my belief in you. You believe in you. Probably more than ever before.

I promise you'll have such fun with this. Let me know how you get on!

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