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An Open Gesture

Many years ago I took part in a drama workshop with other young people, all strangers, and we were offered this remarkable invitation. 

As the others sat on the floor, one by one we got up and stood totally still in front of the group, in silence. 

Totally exposed. Vulnerable. No lines or act to perform. Just standing still

Being up there like that was an experience in itself. 

But then the most amazing thing happened. 

We were asked to gently turn our hands out so our palms faced the group. 

What a gesture! I can still feel this in my body all these years later. 

Standing there, turning out my palms, my whole being seemed to sing:

"I have nothing to hide. 

I'm open to you all. 


I offer what I have. 

I am what I am. 

This is all of me.” 

And then the whisper of 

“How can I serve you?"

And then I slowly turned my hands back and felt the change yet again. 



And heart-filled from this gesture of giving.

And I sat down, trembling at the shock of this encounter and the energy surging through me. 

This power I am to serve. 


Maybe try this gesture for yourself, maybe in front of others. 

Two questions for you now: 

What possibility does this open up for you?

How would you love to serve?

And a third:

How can I serve you?

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