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Is this you?

"I already make a multiple 6-figure income, 

I already love my life, 

I'm excited about lots of stuff. 

But now I want to create something meaningful and lasting, 

I want to live from my highest self all of the time -
not just in "special moments" -
Beyond little fears and petty judgements

I want to connect to my infinite source and SOAR!

I want a sparring partner, a guide, 

who'll challenge my thinking,

who'll hold a sacred space

Where my TRUE VOICE is coaxed out, 

listened to 

and celebrated, 

Where transformational dreams are given room to develop

Where life-changing plans are put in place 

Where I'm held accountable

to this highest version of myself

And from where I serve so powerfully

And create so much success


I'm speechless."

If this is you, let's talk.


Manvi Grover

"I took one session with Alex and within the first 10 minutes of talking to him I realised how powerful he is as a coach.

I felt so deeply heard, seen and understood by him during the session and I haven't felt this way in a very long time. His energy is powerful, loving and authentic. The insights he shared on my challenges around self + business have given the clarity + confidence to make progress in my business. Anybody who is ready to experience deep transformation is a great fit to book a session with Alex. I'm beyond grateful for the time + energy he provided me."

Astrid Schroeder

"An exceptional coach

… handle with care – because you will come away transformed!

Alex is a remarkable and inspirational coach who coaches from the heart, deep presence, and a commitment to serve and to truth.

He has the uncanny ability to see very deeply, grasp your bigger picture and pinpoint exactly where your energy is stuck or what’s in the way of effortless and effective forward movement - healing, wholeness, fulfillment and joyful living.

Most highly recommended!"

Ashutosh Singh

"What I experienced with Alex was nothing less than magical.

It is so hard to put into words.

I don't think I have ever been heard so powerfully.

It was such a powerful experience during that one-hour conversation with Alex.

It felt like a gift from the Universe.

I am blessed, and I am grateful to be able to experience something like this."

About You

What is successful living, for you?


Can you know what you really, truly want,

Trust that it’s in the interests of everyone and everything for you to pursue it,

And then joyfully live into this ideal life?

With everything you’ve got?

While fully savouring and enjoying each moment of this short miraculous life?


Can you enjoy financial abundance, loving relationships, fantastic health and energy while doing what you love to do and finding a sense of purpose?


I’ve been asking myself and others this question since my teens and valuing a sense of balance along the way. Family and good relationships have always come first, and I’ve muddled my way through, hit tonnes of roadblocks, deeply doubted myself, hidden away, taken the easy way out.

But I now work for myself, have multiple streams of income doing what I love, a beautiful marriage and family life, time to indulge my passions for tennis and playing music, and have never been more excited about the future.


And I know I can still be infinitely more giving, infinitely more relaxed, infinitely more grateful and infinitely more open to the good that is still to come.

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