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You're always committed to something.

So why not get committed to the REAL you?


Are you committed to

  • letting the same old excuses control you?

  • judging other people, blaming past events and external circumstances?

  • never taking charge of your own thoughts and actions?

  • hiding behind silly stories that stop you progressing?

  • waiting until the time is "right"?


Or are you committed to creating what you really want?


I have a 3-month program that will transform your world.

You will:

  • be empowered you to take 100% responsibility for your thoughts and actions

  • claim your authority to powerfully create your world

  • tap into your limitless potential

  • let go of all the stories that hold you back

  • remove all the limiting beliefs

  • be an inspiration to everyone around you

  • have incredible fun doing it!


If this is the transformation you're looking for, get in touch

Marion Heil

A Keeper


It is not easy to find somebody who really listens. I hate it when I feel that someone is just waiting to pounce an instant answer on me. With what feels like a surplus of coaches around, this is what I have to say about Alex Planidin:


  • he listens to me without me getting the feeling that in his mind he is working on things to say rather than really hearing what I have to say.

  • After listening to me about what I am having difficulties with, he doesn’t just shoot off a list of things to do for me to check off. Which BTW has never worked for me.

  • He “inquires”. Which makes me realize where I am coming from. And I end up seeing that who I believe I am at the moment might be at the crux of where I have felt stuck.

  • He lets me “dream up” other possible Me’s that might feel or think differently about things than I usually do.

  • He is positive and gives me the feeling that whatever I then choose to do – I cannot make a mistake. And that has worked surprisingly well for me, not least by almost completely getting rid of my indecisiveness. And the stress that came with that.


Enough said – I really recommend the guy. He is good for me, I am glad I found him. And might even stick with him for a while : )

Astrid Schroeder

"An exceptional coach

… handle with care – because you will come away transformed!

Alex is a remarkable and inspirational coach who coaches from the heart, deep presence, and a commitment to serve and to truth.

He has the uncanny ability to see very deeply, grasp your bigger picture and pinpoint exactly where your energy is stuck or what’s in the way of effortless and effective forward movement - healing, wholeness, fulfillment and joyful living.

Most highly recommended!"

Ashutosh Singh

"What I experienced with Alex was nothing less than magical.

It is so hard to put into words.

I don't think I have ever been heard so powerfully.

It was such a powerful experience during that one-hour conversation with Alex.

It felt like a gift from the Universe.

I am blessed, and I am grateful to be able to experience something like this."

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